I need to stop comparing.

Ok. I know I said this before in my new year resolutions post but I will say it again. I NEES TO STOP COMPARING MYSELF TO OTHER PEOPLE BECAUSE AT THE END OF THE DAY WE ARE ALL HUMANS. 

I always find myself comparing myself to someone else. It’s usally someone popular and prettier than me.

I remember when I was young I used to see everything as a competition and I always tried to make myself the best one. I always made sure no one was better than me.

To be honest, I shouldn’t feel like that, no one should because like I said, at the end of the day we are all humanss. 

There will always be a person who will always be better than you. But that shouldn’t bring you down and stop achievibg your goals.

Because No one is perfect.

Kat xxx. 💕

3 thoughts on “I need to stop comparing.

  1. Rosinaleeblog says:

    i totally get what you mean. I feel so the same thing. I’m always comparing myself to someone else that I think looks prettier. But I kind look at it as “look where they have come, I’m sure I can do the same” so I guess in one way it’s motivating me

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