10 facts about me

Hi guyss!! I am so sorry I was unactive for a long time but I had so many things going on in my life. Dont worry, it wasnt bad things, just some things that I had to think about.

You guys are amazing, yes, you. Reading this right now. That’s why you guys should know a little bit about me. So here are 10 facts about me. 🙂

  1. I love all animals
  2. I want to be a vet in the future
  3. I play the guitar
  4. I love Taylor Swift
  5. Idk why but I’m obsessed with tumblr 
  6. The word blogging and photography bring me joy
  7. I love football
  8. I love the simpsons
  9. I got brown hair
  10. I got brown eyes 

And that’s it. I had to change the last 2 because this was turning into what I love instead of facts about me. I might do what I love soon though.

Love ya. ❤

Kat xx

One thought on “10 facts about me

  1. Utterly Us says:

    A fabulous post to get to know you!!! To get to know you even more it would be great to see your answers to the questions on the tag we’ve nominated you for!!! 💓✌🏻


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