Christmas Wishlist

Hey guysss!!! First of all Merry Christmas!!! If you’re reading this because you are one of my loyal followers then thank you because you guys encourage me  to do this. If you are someone new who just checking out my blog then hi!!! Please follow! And if you are also a teen blogger like me I may follow you back!

I have noticed that in my blog I haven’t really posted much Christmas themed blogs so after researching hours of Christmas blogging ideas I managed to decide on a Christmas wishlist because I haven’t done any of these ever since I was 11!

I remember when I was a kid me, my brother and my cousin used to do wishlists to Santa all the time. And we used to go over load like literally. 200 items over load if you know what I’m saying. And my parents obviously couldn’t get 200 gifts for me because come on. But they did manage to get some stuff.

I found out Santa didn’t exist when he didn’t bring us gifts and my mum said that Santa thinks we are now old enough for Santa. Hahaha. Mum, you could’ve just told the truth you know.

I don’t really have a need for these items I just have a want and these are the things that are a want (even if I do say I need it). Btw I don’t own any of the photos below.

So here it is: 

My top 10 Christmas wishlist:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

  1. Canon EOS 750D

The reason I want this camera is mostly for photography and for family events to capture a frozen moments. Every photographer should have a camera to take pictures with and not their phone.8944773431326

     2. Makeup Revolution Ultra Cover and             Concealer

Every girl should have a concealer which I unfortunately don’t since my mum doesn’t want me wearing make up. But like seriously. I NEED IT!!

   3.  Urban Decay Eyeshadow palette, Naked3urban-decay-naked-palette-3

These days I am obsessed with eyeshadow but I don’t want to go around wearing blue or green eyeshadows looking like a clown because those colours are not natural. I really love nude colours and that’s the reason why I want a naked eyeshadow palette.

  4. Pink asus phone case aktdesc_1132060066_00

So I got an ASUS phone and it’s amazing for taking photos but the case I got for it is ugly even if it is protective. The phone ASUS is not a really popular phone so you don’t see the phone cases in shops, just online…

  5. You Blink and you die Ruby Redfort – Lauren Child blink-and-you-ll-die

I literally love Ruby Redfort! I read all her books except this final last one. I was introduced to Ruby Redfort when I was 12 when the top readers got a book and I was one of them. And I somehow managed to get this one and I am obsessed with it since!! 

  6. Mini leather backpack 12254792

So this one is on it’s way because I ordered it. This is something I wanted for a long time ago because I hated carrying side bags and backpacks are just amazing because you can put them on your back feeling no thing. Did I also tell you I am obsessed with leather?! 

  7. Designed Pillows for decor 766544040356f344d4326777ad709352

These are usally mini pillows just laying in your bed with a little phrase or quote and I love things that have a little tumblr quote on them! My bed is my favourite thing and it deserves lots of pillows. 

  8. Long hair tumblr-hairstyles-for-long-hair-2

This isn’t something you can buy unless you want hair extensions which I don’t. I want to cut my hair because it’s so damaged but I also want long hair. You feel me??

  9. Luck for next year

So next year will be really busy year for me because I will be choosing my GCSEs and all that stuff so I really need luck people! (wish me luck for next year)

  10. Happiness life2bquotes

Like they say “Money can’t buy you happiness”. I mean who doesn’t want happiness in their lives? Yes there will be ups and downs but that’s just life but when I say I wish for happiness I don’t mean happiness all the time (although that would be awesome) because that’s just not life. We need ups and downs to survive. 

And that’s it guys!! Thank you for reading!! I really doubt that I will even get these for Christmas but there is no wrong in wishing it. But like I said the last 2 are my main wishes which you cannot get even for a £1000000.

Merry Christmas and see you next year.

Kat xx ♥





4 thoughts on “Christmas Wishlist

  1. Rosamae says:

    I wear make-up sometimes but now my mum won’t let me because “it doesn’t help your skin!” Essence concealer is decent enough and it’s pretty cheap. I can relate with the camera situation. I’ve got a tiny Vivitar which is crap but I’m getting a better one for my birthday and I hope you can get the canon 750D!
    Happy New Year xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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