Winter Morning Routine // Collab

Hii!! This is my first ever morning routine post and my first ever collab!! This is a collab with Rosamae she also did a winter morning routine. I will link her blog down below (at the end).

ap_the_simpsons_jef_131001_33x16_1600<– My fave tv show!! 

I love waking up early in the mornings when everyone is asleep so I can catch up on a tv show or my reading book peacefully. However, i don’t. I guess I am not a morning person I just love waking up early but I somehow can’t and that’s a reason why I’m late for school most of the time. This Winter routine will be a regular morning on a weekend because thinking about school mornings makes me depressed. 

First thing I do when I wake up is something that is not good for your mind or eyes. Yep. I check my social media (in case no one texted me) and even though every time I check it I go blind for like 30 seconds, that doesn’t stop me from going on snapchat and watching every single persons snaps about them doing nothing. Because I’m like that. 

Next thing I do is grab my robe and go around my house like a creep to see who is here, who is sleeping and who is awake. I know I’m weird. From there I get my cat and go back to bed and just chill on my phone or just read a book. I am a big fan of books! (and my phone)

After when everyone else starts waking up I go to the bathroom and wash my face usually

with warm water although cold water wakes you up better but like I don’t
want my face frozen like a ice cube. After I wash my face the product I use to make my face softer and cleaner from the spots is Sudocrem which is so good for acne and eczema (I have eczema on my hands). You can get this from boots for £2.99. 


I got this habit that I cannot stay in a room with a messy bed. I had this habit as little child I remember I was sleeping and its normal for your bed to be messy I got so mad that I woke up in the the middle of the night just to make it tidier. I seriously don’t know what was wrong with me.


When I come back from the bathroom freezing, I tidy up my bed. I throw all the pillows and my teddy on the floor (sorry teddy) and i straighten my duvet. After that I put my pink flowery blanket on top and then position the pillows in a way that i can sit on my bed facing the computer. Finally I put my teddy and the big tiger on my bed. I can’t sleep with the tiger because it’s whiskers go in my mouth and let me tell you, it is not a very comfortable thing when you’re sleeping. And lastly (for decor) I put this glittery blanket at the end of my bed.

I then on my computer and check my blog and hope for a miracle that I somehow got lots of followers over night which won’t happen because life isn’t like that. You need to work for something to get big and trust me the only thing I do at night is sleep. I either write a new blog post, edit my blog or just play the sims 3 until my mum calls us for breakfast.

Sometimes when I’m bored I help my mum with breakfast. Mostly to set the table up because I’m scared of cooking and burning the house down. It nearly happened before.

After breakfast I brush my teeth and decide on a outfit to wear. I spend ages deciding on a outfit even if I’m at home the whole day because you never know when your life may come to an end and you seriously don’t want to die with ugly clothes. I then do my hair and do make up. I don’t use much make up so I do minimum.

And that’s it. My Winter Morning routine is not interesting but at least it’s true.

Go and check out Rosamae’s blog and see her blog post!! She is really kind and encouraging. Oh. And her blog is amazing!!! –> Rosamae’s Winter Morning Routine

Kat xx ♥






















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